Yes on Measure GO
Help Students Succeed

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YES on GO is a local education bond measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot. YES on GO Mt. SAC’s District Job Training, College Transfer, Classroom Repair and Safety Measure will help ensure local students, workers, and veterans have continued access to affordable education, job training as well as expands access for college transfer students.

YES on GO will:

  • Prepare students for transfer to 4-year colleges

  • Repair deteriorating gas, electrical and sewer lines

  • Repair decaying walls, drainage systems and leaky roofs

  • Improve student safety

  • Improve access for disabled students

  • Expand vocational training programs

  • Upgrade facilities for veterans to complete their education for workforce re-entry


YES on GO requires published financial audits and oversight by an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee to ensure all funds are spent as promised to taxpayers.  By law, NO money can be spent on administrators’ salaries or pensions.

Join Mt. SAC’s College District Board of Trustees, local employers, community leaders, veterans, and residents throughout the District in voting YES on GO for Mt. SAC and OUR future.